Forms for Fundraising

  • PTSA Project Graduation Reimbursement
    If you make expenditures for which you need to be reimbursed, please attach your receipts to a Project Graduation Reimbursement Form and submit it for payment.  Reimbursement requests can be hand-delivered to Mark Gunter, Project Grad treasurer (

You must have two people count all money and sign the form before turning money over to the Project Grad treasurer, Mark Gunter (

For deposits, count all money received and record the deposit on the Deposit Form.  Please have someone else count the receipts a second time.  Deposits obviously need to be hand delivered.


Please record all expenditures for your committee.  An accurate record of all expenditures is essential to prepare a budget for next year.  If anyone wishes to donate their own funds for committee purposes, please complete a Disbursement Request anyway, mark it "Donation-no reimbursement."

  • Project Graduation Letterhead

  • To donate to Project Graduation, click on the 'Donate' button below.  You can choose to use an existing Paypal account or use a credit or debit card.

Thanks for supporting SMS Project Graduation!


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